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Five Days in Jerusalem: Matthew 21:12-17 - Palm Sunday

Colonel Harland Sanders was 62 when he began franchising his secret recipe “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Twelve years later, he sold his fast-food empire to investors, but retained a great deal of control over the company. He would travel over 200,000 miles a year, well into his eighties, conducting surprise inspections of the restaurants bearing his name. If the quality of the food or service fell short of his high standards, he would go into a profanity-laden fit, often throwing the food on the floor in front of stunned employees and customers. We see in today’s Gospel a very similar reaction from Jesus when he enters the temple in Jerusalem, minus the profanity. He goes on a rampage, overturning tables, hurling chairs, and driving out the money changers and all the people selling sacrificial doves. “You’ve made my house a den of robbers,” he shouts.  Click here to read the Scripture text Jesus acts like he owns the place—which, in fact he does. Jerusalem is the City of God. The temp

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