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In Life and Death: Acts 3:1-10 - Third Sunday of Easter

My family and I have been so blessed by the prayers, cards, and kind words we’ve received over the last ten days since my dad’s death. God has transformed your deeds into the grace we continue to need. One person’s words to me have stood out in my mind. She said, “when Jesus called your dad’s name, he stood up and walked through the gates of heaven.” Those words touched my soul in a very special way because my dad lost the ability to walk. During the four months he spent in the hospital, he tried with all his might to get back onto his feet but could not. Though his body was weak, his faith was strong. About a week before his death, he spoke to my sister and mom, with a peace and clarity not seen in him during the many months he was ill. He shared that he had been talking with Jesus about going home to him. Jesus assured him that we will all be okay when he was gone. Dad’s faith has been another healing balm to our hurting souls. And I couldn’t help but think him when conside

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